Photography by Tom Lane

Athens – The Leica One Challenge

I’ve used Leica Cameras since 1969 and have been an active member of the world-wide Leica forum for many years. Each year, the forum members arrange what has become known as the “One Challenge”. Basically, participating forum members meet on the third weekend of October, in a European City which has been voted for, and selected during the previous meeting. On the Saturday, members meet for lunch, before going off to shoot 36 images in 2 hours with a chosen camera and lens. (This goes back to the film days when there were 36 frames on a roll of film.) Each member then selects their best image, these are then uploaded to a forum website and the world-wide membership votes for their favourite. Each participant pays 10 Euro’s and the winner decides which charity benefits from the entry fee.

So far we’ve attended meetings in; Valleta, Venice, Palermo, Copenhagen, Wetzlar, Istanbul, Vienna, Lisbon, Rome, Lyon and Seville; with the 2023 meeting to be held in Dubrovnik.

All in all it’s a great social weekend and a chance to talk about cameras and photography with like-minded people.

For this trip I took the Leica M10-r with 28, 35, 50 and 75mm Summicron f2.0 lenses.