Getting that rear tyre hot for a quick getaway once the flag drops

At a Snetterton Club Meeting in 2019







(Nikon D810 with 600mm f4 lens)

Ouch, again at the same meeting at Snetterton. One of the lower class races in which riders try to make a name for themselves, often trying too hard and ending up on the floor






(Nikon D810 with 600mm f4.0 lens)

Someone else trying too hard

The idea is to kick the bike away so it doesn’t land on you

And another

Sliding down the road at 70mph can’t be all that much fun

Another night to be spent in the workshop; the body will health itself whereas the bike has to be fixed

         Ducati at the 2017 round of the World Superbike Championships held at Donnington Park in the UK           (Nikon D810 with 600mm f4.0 lens)

Kawasaki at the same Superbike Meeting








(Nikon D810 with 600mm f4.0 lens)

And another Kawasaki at Donnington Park

The Subaru on the very edge at the 2019 round of the British Touring Car Championship at Snetterton         (Nikon D810 with 600mm f4.0 lens) 

Honda ahead of the Ford at the same meeting








(Nikon D810 with 600mm f4.0 lens)